• Alterspace
    An interactive website compiling user-generated content.  I built a prototype of the site using HTML, CSS, and JQUERY.  
    Alterspace builds visual narratives of neglected spaces in NYC neighborhoods. Through an interactive layered map, users explore sites in the past, present, and future. The site offers a platform to record personal narratives of neglected places through images and comments. Users can share past placemaking events or experiences, or pitch future project visions to generate collaboration. 
    Alterspace aims to capture the eerie splendor of abandoned spaces, interlinking past, present, and future by combining fantasy and reality. All content is user-generated, so users are able to learn about places in their neighborhood from their neighbors rather than in formalized top-down records. The app hopes to shift the way people interact with the places around them, repositioning the value of place.
    Interactive Design, User Experience and Interface Design
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