Corner Pack

  • Corner Pack
    Shipping Box Design for Visually Impaired
    Receiving shipping packages for visually impaired people could be frustrated experience – it’s hard to know where the package is from, and how to easily open without cutting oneself.
    Now it’s all solved with just one “corner”. Corner Pack, featuring easy open packaging structure and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, helps visually impaired users open package without using knife or scissors, and get information about the shipment with voiceover.
    User can touch the box to find the correct corner where a NFC chip has been placed, and attach his/her smart phone to the corner. Then the phone will read out the shipping information loudly. Once the user has confirmed the receipt, s/he can simply pull out the corner, and tear open the box without the aid of cutting tools. 
  • Touching any part of screen to sign to confirm reception of this shipment.
  • Open the package with out cutting the tape.