Cowberry Crossing Farm Egg Packaging

  • Cowberry Crossing Farm
    Sustainable Duck Egg Packaging 
    Cowberry Crossing Farm, located in Claverack, New York, was in need of a way to package four duck eggs that is sustainable, affordable, and easy to construct.
    The packaging is made of one piece of flat cardboard with no adhesives and only a single side silk screening for sustainability. Each section of the package with the individual eggs is perforated with it’s own tab that closes it shut so when the users take an egg out they can simply tear off the corresponding section of the package so that it takes less space in the refrigerator. Farmers are able to easily construct and assemble the packages at the farmer’s and it also allows customers to quickly check if the eggs are in good condition before buying. The weakest part, which is the center of the egg, is protected from exposure for a safe transport.
    The farm’s logo was inspired by their biodynamic practices of achieving harmony and balance between the relationship of the farm animals and plants along with the physical and spiritual life forces. These aspects brought together develop the ideal farm in producing nutritious products and a healthier environment. With that, the logo is inspired by a Venn diagram that indicates the various relationships and their means.