[short film] love letter

  • Digital Video Project Course Project
    School of Communicaitons at Kwangwoon University
    Produced by Sangbeom Kim, Hunbum Lee, Sulki Lee and Kyoungwon Kim
    Supervised by David Eunseok O
    Running Time: 8' 45''
    Synopsis :
    Junsu is just a normal person, but with a secret that nobody knows. The secret is that he writes a letter for somebody every day. The letters are the most important thing in his life. And also, when he sends and receives letters, he's the happiest man on earth. Then, one day, he can't receive letters even though he sends letters and he begins to lose his life
    Concept :
    To make relationships with people and maintain them, the most important thing is communication. However, most modern people are careless about things that are not their concern and they avoid communicating with other people. It brings extreme egoism and individualism causing a lot of problems. The story is about a man who falls under narcissism and we want to deliver the strong individualism of our society through the man.