MANDALORIAN - vector tribute

  • In my hall of fandom- there are only 3 icons I have been a big fan of:
    Bruce Lee • Batman and Boba Fett .
    Yes, I remember the animated short from the Christmas Holiday Special where he first appeared
    and later went crazy when he showed up in the Empire Strikes Back.
    Such a fan as a kid, that I even mailed in ( < yeah, no internet back in the early 1980's) for a chance to get this action figure- which would cause a stir with parents becuase of his rocket firing back pack.
    Well, its been a long time waiting and finally happy to pay tribute to him and his ship the Slave I
    with my popdeco vector style.

    Cheers and enjoy to all you "Dented Bucket Heads" out there.

    Created with
    Apple Imac Adobe Illustrator CC 2014Wacom Intuos 4
  • above: vector shapes
  • above: vector anchor points
  • above: the MANDALORIAN - final vector
    Standard Archival & Metallic Foil
  • Above: 18" x 24" Limited Edition
    Archival Giclee
    Edition size: 75
    Signed: Yes
    Ships Internationally
  • Below:
    18" x 24" METALLIC FOIL Special Edition
    Edition size: 15
    Signed: Yes
    Ships Internationally
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