• Summary
    I have yet to find a mascara that doesn’t make my eyes water. 
    It’s very difficult for people with very sensitive skin, like me, to
    find a comfortable cosmetic line that uses natural ingredients,
    so I decided to brand my own.
    We all know the benefits of eating home cooked, organic foods - fewer toxins,
    no genetical modified chemicals. Choosing organic beauty products brings the
    same advantages, with naturally effective treatments for skin that work in harmony
    with skin’s natural functions to promote health and radiance. It’s the smarter decision
    for your overall health. My logo symbolizes water droplets in the shape of a flower. 
    Beauty is purity.
    To create and design a cosmetic brand that uses purely natural products.
    Since the list of ingredients are minimal, I wanted to keep the design minimal
    - focusing mainly on packaging and typography.