The Candle Project

  • Illustration on an Object
    My approach to illustrating on an object was to make the object and illustration depend on one another to convey the message. In this project, I illustrated a scene of a Feudal Japanese village onto a candle.
  • The illustration was done in a sketchbook, scanned in and drawn over digitally.
  • To transfer the drawing onto the candle, I printed the illustration and wrapped it around a layer of graphite transfer paper which was wrapped around the candle and traced over the illustration.
  • The top of the candle is carved into a volcano inspired by Mt. Fuji. When lit, the volcano slowly burns down the village.
  • Seen above is the result mid-way after about 30 hours. The process of observing the candle burning reminds one of the fragility of life and the slow but inevitable reality that all things must come to an end eventually.
    *I may even create a revised series of these candles that feature other volcanos and their surrounding civilizations in the future!
    **Thanks to my sister and dad for assistance with the photography!