• Trés Bon is a delicious, gourmet ready-to-bake batter and dough. Enjoy the comforts of home with these delicious flavors that can transform your kitchen into an artisanal bakery in minutes, no additional ingredients required. No planning. No mess. No cut-corners. Go ahead and let us help you show off your ‘homemade’ baked goods, your secret is safe with us. 
    Note: Trés Bon is a fictional original concept made for a class assignment*
  • Trés Bon uses all natural ingredients with no preservatives or artificial flavoring. Fun, gourmet flavor combinations make normally humble foods exotic and special. This appeals to the foodie who enjoys the convenience of ready-to-bake products but craves
    exciting flavors that are not offered by any of the competition. 
  • The target audience is men and women age 25-45 who are in love with quality food, and are looking for a way to bake fresh treats at home using the least amount of time and effort as possible. The product appeals to both the advanced cook looking to quickly make some freshly baked goods, as well as the younger foodie who is looking for the simplest way to enjoy the comforts of home.
  • The innovative structure has an elegant sculptural quality that communicates the quality of the bold flavors inside. The branding and graphics were kept minimal with small pops of bright color, which stands out from the competition’s loud use of colors and graphics.
    By combining modern simplicity with hand-drawn illustrations, the package feels relevant for younger consumers yet still keeps the ‘coziness’ of your mother’s kitchen. Packages are offered in two sizes and are stackable for efficient display in the refrigerated dairy section.
    All illustrations are hand drawn.
  • The advertising campaign asks questions that identify when someone could use convenience that Trés Bon offers.  Trés Bon is useful for many different occasions and can wear numerous hats. Whimsical illustrations on top of the package show the many identities that Trés Bon can play, such as a superhero, or a last minute gift for your spouse’s anniversary. 
  • Brielle Wilson
    © 2015