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    RawApps Launches Online App Generator

    Miami FL – March 15, 2010 – announces the launch of their mobileapp generator, a web based application builder that allows anyone with a blog,YouTube channel, RSS feed or Flickr feed to build an app and preview it online.
    The web based service is quick and free to use foranyone who visits Building an app on the site takes only a fewsteps and allows users to preview what their content will look like through an iPhonesimulator. The whole process can take as little as two minutes or as much asten minutes depending on the level of customization. Some of the features whichcan customized include the ability to upload an application icon, splash page,add feeds from various blogs, organize them in a particular order as welladjusting the font colors. Once a visitor has completed the process they’regiven the option to save it for future viewing as well as a “share url” so theyif they feel they need feedback from friends and colleagues they can forwardthe link.

    The process is simple and only takes a total of five steps. In order to getstarted, a publisher must simply visit From there, they will beguided through the simple steps of entering their URL, RSS feed, YouTubechannel etc to search for content. The next steps will guide them through theprocess customizing the app with their logos, graphics and colors. Forpublishers who are interested in additional customization RawApps also offersdevelopment services as a separate cost.

    This innovative approach to mobile app development has simplified the processand made it accessible to blog publishers and the like. “By allowing visitorsto build an app using web based app generator, more and more users arerealizing that the process can be a lot less daunting than one would havethought” says co-founder Otalvaro.

    As the demand for mobile application development continues to rise, so too willthe company’s product offerings. In the coming weeks RawApps will be announcingan affiliate program as well as new templates for the online app builder.

    Available for iPhone and Android