Raw Apps, A Mobile Community, Case Study


    An App Recommendation & Discovery Community

    Step 1. Create An App List
    Create a list and give it an appropriate title and description i.e. “My favorite apps for dieting” or “Must have apps for a road trip”. Browse the RawApps directory online or with your mobile and start bookmarking your favorite apps.

    Step 2. Sync Your Device
    Sync your device with RawApps to manage your new app lists and perform auto installations from the Android Market. The sync process will allow you to generate an “Installed Apps” list which can be shared through your RawApps profile. 

    Step 3. Share! 
    Share your list via email, Twitter and Facebook! Once it’s out there, your list can be voted on as well.
    Ask a Question
    The app stores break down their massive amounts of apps into 20 main categories i.e. education, finance, productivity, games etc… But if you really need to drill down to something more specific you’re gonna need a recommendation and that’s where our Q & A platform comes in. Simply input the question and let the community come back with suggestions!

    Offer a Recommendation 
    If you have an app recommendation for someone’s question, we’dlove to hear it! Browse the community Q & A’s and see if you can lend us a hand.

    Vote For The Best Recommendation
    Validate recommendations from other members by tallying up the number of votes.
    Activity Feeds
    Community activity feeds allow you to follow members who have made recommendations that may be of interest to you.

    Browse The Member Directory
    Search the community directory for an overview of recent member activity i.e. recommendations, app lists, comments etc…

    Upon further inspection, if you like the recommendations a member has made you can choose to follow them and even receive notifications of their activity via RSS feeds.
    The Raw Apps widget for WordPress offers website publishers and bloggers the ability to display content from Raw Apps (i.e. Top Weekly Apps) on their own domains.  The control panel offers extensive options for customization beyond simple RSS feeds, which makes this an appealing source for content to many publishers, ultimately increasing the number of links pointing back to Raw Apps on the web.