Fiksu Game APP Prototype

  • Fiksu 
    wants to do an app for their customers to help people see what functionalities they offer and showcase all their abilities on it 
    Games – mini game rewards incentive to play
    Stocks just related to tech
    Well rounded app
    Really looking for another game based on obstacle course
    Play with friends/coworkers- leader board
    Fun brain – kids website- different game per level

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    Board..pick one level hardness , each level has a game
           Brick Breaker
    Each game has a trivia question in order to get past level/create livesà Earn Fiksu Endorsements on Linkedin
    (As you answer trivia correctly)
    In addition to trivia, you can link back to article to learn (post-trivia)
    Leader board
           Can choose to share, can see what your friends get on specific levels (similar to candy crush)
           Once a month, can give top scorer a free pass to a conference or event
    Questions – offer clues the longer they take
    Bonus Level=> true or false game to test skills (lumosity type game related to their content)  to get more points
    Cross Screens too
    Personalized Map? As you accumulate points, you customize your board
    Avatar that grows as you get better
    Visuals associated with levels, you can customize your board, post to social for extra features 
  • UI