• Death of Free Enterprise

    The request was for "a single-shot flight down city street, rapidly transitioning from attractive & busy shopping district to one of shuttered, urban blight, then a tombstone falls/rises with logo, key out."

    We gained the producers trust when we explained it could be kept a single-shot fly but use the turns of street corners as transitional elements. Eventually, the ruined city at the end evolved into a straight-up city-scale graveyard. Though a bit heavy-handed a concept by any measure it allowed the rock & stone textures to be a corrupting, "camera chasing" layer that helped with the transitioning of locales.

    For a number of reasons we do not do character animation regularly, so creating an appearance of vitality and activity or desolation and decrepitude is usually set driven. It's like an actor having to portray emotion without words or even facial expressions. That meant building up a lot more detail into the set than we usually get the opportunity. At the same time, it's a weird balance to add just enough life that it looks inviting but not so much that it appears all humans have been mysteriously taken away and only their earthly constructions remain.