DreamLand NYC

  • Company

    DreamLand is a community of friendly designers, entrepreneurs, photographers, dancers, and dreamers, a place to share their craft and learn form each other. They  also help small businesses learn the tools necessary to build a successful and prosperous brand with a emphasis on value and service to the world and dreams.

    Design Inspiration

    Dendrochronology or tree-ring dating is the scientific method of dating based on the analysis of patterns of tree-rings. This is a perfect, NON-prefect symbol of trust. The tree ring study is an exact study, and this is why we relate it to a serious office. The layers (rings) of a tree give us trust. Trees are old, they will not lie, they do not betray, they stay true to nature, and also stay true to what they have seen or heard. Trees are loyal, and their rings grow strong throughout the years. The circles or rings of a tree are the roots to a new start, a new trustworthy beginning. A tree stands loyal, no matter if it is being hurt, a tree will not hurt back. Each circle on a tree trunk means exprience, force, bravery, tolerance, trust, loyalty, reliance, stability, strength, patience, perseverance, history; the first few circles or rings are the axis and the beginning of a new start.

  • Credit
    Art Direction: Lena Lin & Carla Torres
    Film & Photography: Evan Rummel & Kevin Kim
    Web Development: Andrew Nagy