ADOBE 3D Printing Project

  • Adobe 3D Printing Project
    Invited by Adobe as part of their back to school student campaign, I designed a set of custom 3D caricatures using the new 3D printing feature in Adobe Photoshop. See it on Adobe website
    When I first started brainstorming for this project, I really wanted to design something that utilizes 3D printing technology to encourage human interaction and bring people together. At the end I decided to go out to the street with a Makerbot and give caricature portraits a new twist. I took pictures of my friends and people on the street, drew them in caricature style, built 3D models based on my drawings and eventually 3D printed them on Makerbot. It was exciting to interact with people throughout the whole creative process and rewarding to see their reactions at the end.
    Special thanks to Justin O'Brien and Ryan Donahue for assisting creating the 3D models.
    Photography by Pooja Wadhawan
    Video by Maris Murran