Menu Design for Astoria Bier & Cheese

  • After finalizing the text, I drew some sandwich and snack illustrations to represent each food category on the menu.The famous bier cheese pretzel, cheese plate, grilled cheese, and banh mi sandwich. Created in watercolor markers on vellum.
  • I also created illustrations of four beers sold at Astoria Bier & Cheese.The menu had too much space at the bottom, so drawing in the beers corrected the issue. It worked out in the end, because beer needed a presence on the menu! Also, I created my own mini-legend for the menu out of asparagus and hot peppers. Created in watercolor markers on vellum.
  • New Astoria Bier & Cheese menu design:  Front Side
  • New Astoria Bier & Cheese Menu Design:  Back Side
  • And now, the menu for the new location at Milk & Hops!
  • Milk & Hops, the new location in Manhattan!