Adobe Illustrator CC2014 - VENUS REVISITED

  • Very thankful to be commissioned to customize the opening start up screen for Adobe Illustrator CC2014.
    Below is the actual presentation deck and vector evolution.Thank you for your support.
  • Created with
     Adobe Illustrator Cc
    No Gradient Mesh, No plugins, No Tracing

    ••••••••••• Cheers & enjoy •••••••••••
  • Objective:
    To deliver a vector illustration that will represent the brand personality of Adobe Illustrator and resonate with its creative audience.
  • Adobe Illustrator splash page / iconic history and color palatte
  • Idea Statement:
    Pay homage to the evolution of the Adobe Illustrator splash screen by incorporating signature elements from its history and utilize them in a relevant manner that reflects the style and personality of its creative audience.
  • Submission 1
  • Although this first vector submission does a great job of leveraging all of the signature AI icons, unfortunately- Botticellisi's "Venus" , we collectively felt that her provocative pose may present an issue...
  • Therefore, I quickly suggested to replace Venus with something even more important and even more vital.
    Let's have the character pay reverence to the # 1 tool that is synonymous with vector...
    The PEN TOOL.
  • VENUS REVISITED - aka "Creativity takes Courage"
    - an inspirational quote by Henri Matisse
  • Below: UPDATE Jan. 2015
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