AlgoRhythmic: Glitches Be Crazy

  • Progress video of one of the screens in an installation video game piece I am working on with Theo Ferlauto, AKA the design DJ.
    It is all written in Javascript taking advantage of the canvas API.

    Artists Statement (WIP)
    In essence this is a music creation tool. However, it is built around a completely generative audio/visual universe in which the players get to influence the growth and decay of their surrounding environment. The audio and visual portions of this game are intrinsically linked, each one generating the other.
    The game will be comprised of two lone explorers, each experiencing a separate and unique world. These two players will have a perceived direct influence over the world they are exploring. They will be able to alter the sights, sounds, and features of their level. However, the audience will be able to participate in this experience as well. By working together, audience members will have the ability to modify the core environmental cycles of this virtual universe, fundamentally changing the two players’ worlds and experiences.
    At this point in development the experience will consist of two main players, two level specific game controllers, three screens and spectators willing to use their smartphones. All this will come together to create two unique levels that are directly influenced by the players and participating audience members.