WUSS Radio Station and office - Featuring World Beat

  • WUSS Radio Station and Office - Featuring World Beat Music
    In cooperation with Shari Francis
  • The task was to create an office space for a radio station that included 2 studios and a performance space. Some part of the office was to be rented out to another tenant.
    The concept of the radio statios was the anatomy of sound and its ambiguity. Inspirations were drawn from the artist Anish Kapoor and images depicting the anatomy of sound.
    WUSS radio station specializes in a world music form called world beat. A mixture of native melodies and musical instruments, language with pop rhythms.
  • Inspirations: The Anatomy of Sound
  • Inspirations: The Art of Anish Kapoor
  • Color Concept: Middle Mixtures for the fusion of music styles. Vibrant colors of native art.