My Cha

  • Tri-lingual Brochure
  • Flyer
  • The main visual identity concept is to focus on the ingredients and keep all other elements very simple and light.
    Bringing in some of its key qualities such as 'natural' and 'aromatic' to the choice of the paper stock and to the colour palette: using recycled unbleached paper (when possible) and on occasion, complimentary bright colours are used as graphic elements.
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  • Packaging
    Front and back labels
  • Mulled Wine Mix
    Taking inspiration from its origins, the label has in the background a composition
    made with Scandinavian embroidery motifs. The color palette uses very strong
    colours for a warm effect.

  • Packaging Box
  • Infusion de Bain
    My Cha pour Les Airelles
  • Infusion de Bain
    My Cha pour Le Mélézin
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