Ethnographic Research
    I began the semester by exploring the motivations for adopting healthy eating habits in the workplace and the resulting healthcare savings. This was accomplished by conducting observational research and by creating a community website to gather comments, determine preferences and generate ideas from the general public and from my cohort.
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    Brand Development
    From my research, I created a Brand Diagram, a Soundscape and a Motion graphic in order to determine the persona, tone, and purpose for a service that would motivate users to embrace a healthier lifestyle.
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    App Development
    Finally, I developed an application with the intent of facilitating behavior change through both positive and negative reinforcement. From my exploration, I found that a personalized reinforcement technique is likely to inspire change since motivations are different for each person and depend on a user's environment, past experiences, culture and economic circumstances.
    The app determines whether the user best responds to positive or negative reinforcement. Users set healthy lifestyle goals and work on a team to accumulate points in order to earn prizes or avoid penalty.