Take Something Leave Something

    Take Something Leave Something is a small-scale, interactive disruption and investigation of American capitalism and consumer culture.
    It began as a simple spatial intervention, attaching an inherently participatory object (brightly colored binder clips) to scaffolding around the city without any preconceptions about content or meaning. The binder clips were a means of making a particularly dreary part of the urban landscape more lively, appealing, and interactive. This intervention evolved into a guerrilla trading post, installed near large, corporate chain stores to present customers and passers-by with the option to trade something of theirs for an item left on a clip rather than simply buying something. Some of the objects initially left clipped to the scaffolding were site-specific (items that could actually be purchased at a nearby store). We also experimented with attaching money to a few of the clips, so that the user was selling rather than buying, determining the monetary value of an object for themselves. The items taken and left changed and varied greatly as people began to notice the installation and trade.
    This project was a collaboration with fellow Pratt MFA Candidate Rob Wilson.