The Wall Street Journal - A Journey Through Time


    Pratt Selected 11 students from different creative fields to develop pieces surrounding the Wall Street Journal’s 125th Anniversary. We were asked to create a piece that visually represents The Journal's past, present, and future.The piece was exhibited at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery.
    We were provided a list of topics and achievements for inspiration. Seeing the many achievements and milestones The Journal had through its rich history, I decided to create 
    a motion piece. I created a visual narrative telling the story of how The Journal went from being a “niche news agency in an obscure Wall Street basement, tothe powerhouse news organization that it is today.” Using simple 2D motion graphics, text and sound, I take the viewers on a visual journey through time, covering all the major milestones that allowed the WSJ to be celebrating their 125th Anniversary today.
    Music by: Juan Pablo Landínez González