• The Stool+Table provides a portable surface on the top as well as a storage underneath. It allows multiple family activities happen. Pull one to put toys inside with children, or place couples together for board games. 
  • Paper mockups were developed in the early stage to test various forms and connections.
  • Place three to four Stool+Tables to create a bigger surface for board games. The Stool+Table also allows children to sit on and can be used as toy-storage underneath.
  • The Stool+Table is formed by six same shape vacuum-formed styrene. Every overlapping part is connected by rivets. The outline of surfaces is also designed to be a circular pattern and applied to the top of the Embrace. There are two kinds of finish for the top, including a piece of color-coated styrene and an upholstered styrene. 
  • Date  April 2014
    Material  Styrene/ Fabric 
    Photographer  Johnny Wang