• The Embrace collection includes one loveseat, and two sizes of ottomans. The playful shapes nest well with each other, and give families more flexibility of arrangements. The gesture of the arms on the loveseat hug the user and provide a friendly corner for children to play. 
  • To achieve the posture of embrace, I folded padding materials into several shapes. The arms of the seat played an important role. They offered opportunities to connect with other seat or a comfortable corner for users.
  • The Embrace provided a friendly environment for family to gather. The three pieces could be placed into a U-shape arrangement for family to face each other more.
  • The Embrace collection could go well with other modern furniture. It gave family more choices to put together their favorite living room.
  • he final prototype process included serials of fun working. It all started from tapping the full size seating area. After configuring the parts and positions of the frames in computer, the frames were produced by the CNC machine in real life.  
    Once the frames of the ottomans were built, the upholstery job included pulling webbings, trimming the foam, covering with padding, sewing the lining, stapling the lining and making the cover of the ottomans. The process of making the loveseat had an extra step of sewing the two arms and stapling them in the right positions. After sketching and cutting the samples of patterns, Mateo & Bay owned by Nolen Niu did an amazing job of upholstery.  
  • Our thesis show held at the South Campus of Art Center College of Design. The exhibition design was put together by the class of Graduate Environmental Design, and directed by Robert Ball and David Mocarski.
  • Date  April 2014
    Material  Plywood/ High-density foam / Fabric 
    Photographer  Johnny Wang