Yumi is a healthy Chinese appetizer brand with traditional design and contemporary taste. Our dream is to bring healthy, traditional Chinese appetizers to the world. 
    Yumi’s food is all handmade. Every detail, its ingredients, texture, size, shape, flavor––is carefully examined and considered by professional gourmets in order to give customers the perfect experience of fresh made rice balls scented with preserved tradition. Every bite of Yumi’s rice ball is enjoyment. 
    Yumi rice ball is made with healthy ingredients with no additives. Our rice is harvested between late summer and autumn from the black soil of the Northern province Hei Longjiang, China. It only gets ripe once a year for it needs 180 days to grow. This harvest tradition has been preserved for hundreds of years. Our rice also contains rich mineral elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and it is cultivated by pure water in fresh air. 
    We believe that each grain of rice is the fruit of toil; each grain of rice is care; each grain of rice is memory. We hope Yumi can bring you the taste of childhood, the respect of tradition and the awareness of health. 
    People who are interested in Asian culture and food, enjoy trying new things and want to keep a healthy diet.
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  • Bring regionally street food into universal market