Paper-crafts Infographics

    Spring 2014
    This project is my thesis; the topic is using skillfully paper crafts techniques in food infographics to educate teenagers of maintaining healthy eating habits.
    Nutritional infographics require simple and directed layout of data visualization; yet, they lose tactile connection. Teenagers are a group of people that easy to be influenced by commercial ads, such as fast food. It is hard to ask for teenagers to eat vegetables and fruits from food infographics only. 
    I explored new ways of utilizing three-dimensional paper crafts in food related infographics instead of traditional two-dimensional ones. Three-dimensional infographics enlighten tactile experiences to my target audiences, which arose their interests and build up emotional connection. 
    The goal of my thesis is to find a design solution, which makes traditional and conventional inforgraphics into new possibilities.
    These three booklets are my thesis project. Color recipe introduces how to eat well by different colors to my target audiences. For example, yellow is good for skin, green is good for guts and blue is good for eyes.