• Remra
    App Design & Package Design
    Remra is sensory reminiscence therapy. 
    When a certain sense sends you right back to a certain time, place or date with a specific person, you can use Remra to quickly record simple facts about this visceral memory, so that it is not forgotten. 
    This app is meant to organize and preserve these sensory memories. Archive those triggers and those moments when you are placed in your past again. Document them, keep track of your triggers to go back to later. Reminiscing is healthy for you, and this app keeps your triggers in one place to reflect back on. 
    Also included is the sensory reminiscence kit which coincides with the app. The kit contains five items that pertain to each of the five senses. A blanket, which alludes to touch, a custom made mug and tea, which alludes to taste, a room spray, which alludes to scent, a playlist [that can be downloaded online] which alludes to sound, and an air plant, which alludes to sight. 
    In addition, the kit contains a journal and two pens to write about your memories as you so please, and a guidebook that goes into more detail about the benefits of sensory reminiscence therapy. 
    Mug custom made by: Jesus Antoshka 
    Featured on: GetAddictedTo