Urban Ecology III-REPRESENTATION-David Ruy Critic

  • Pratt Institute - GAUD - Architecture and Urban Design Studio - David Ruy - 2014
  • east river . URBAN ECOLOGY . new york

  • The final purpose of this prototype is to get a much more direct relationship between the city and the river through a sustainable and efficient way of living.
    Explores new ways of designing, creates relationships between nature and technology.

    Nowadays, where internet is the main source of information and rendering is sometimes more credible than reality, the line that divides real from unreal has been erased. These images play with the magical realism, and put the viewer in an awkward or unsafe position. 
    The project has been represented from another perspective, is not anymore the center of attention, which brings doubt about the realism of the images, it is shown as a subliminal message and could be taken as a different way of publicity or marketing inside architecture. 
  • The human point of view has been shifted to the point of view of another entities within the ecosystem, stressing the blurriness of hierarchies between them and contributing to make the viewer focus on something else (the awkwardness) and trying to figure out what is happening, instead of focusing on the project.