Anonymous- NYC

  • Project
  • As apart of my Typography 2 project, created a motion-based presentation
    using the book as a subject matter for the starting point of the projects.
  • Creative Profile
  • This motion project is a short documentary of a subliminal dialogue between two individuals. The narrative is based around their different cultural backgrounds in which they ironically come together at central park. Without having no previous interaction the two individuals mutually recognized each others presence. . Highlighting the iconic fact that millions of people live within New York City, yet at some point our paths eventually align then dissipate at moments notice.
  • Special Thanks
    To George Chadwick, Moises Tineo and Yong Yi Lee for helping with the production of this short flim, couldn't have accomplish this project without everyone help.
    Film and Photography          Kemar Swaby, George Chadwick and Moises Tineo
    Talents                                  Yong Yi Lee and Kemar Swaby
    Post Production                    Kemar Swaby
    Art Direction                          Kemar Swaby