When Mrs. White met Charlie

  • This is a typographic experimental archive book. Sentences in the book come from two phrases books in 1900s. Sentences on black pages come from an English-Chinese phrases book teaching Americas to learn Chinese. Sentences on white pages come from a Chinese-English phrase book teaching Chinese to learn English. Twenty-three pairs of sentences under corresponding categories from these two phrases books make up an interesting conversation, which in memory of a specific period of history when the first generation of Chinese immigration arrives at United States in the 19th century.
    Typeface on black pages is Times New Roman. Typeface on white pages is Mingliu (a popular Chinese typeface). Mingliu’s English part is designed based on Times New Roman with specific kerning and slightly changed shapes. The weird visual effect from Mingliu symbolizes the way Chinese immigration speak English in a foreign country. Type size is based on its frequency of occurrence in each original phrases book. The book can be read from both sides.
    It is a normal day in 19th century, when Mrs. White met Charlie.