[Crisis and growth] 
    is a three-day conference, exploring about how creatures and human beings adapts to a whole new environment, not only physical, but also mentally. However, adaptation is a gradual process. The main goal of the conference is to facilitate the process of adaptation pursuing a balanced environment. 

    [Day 01]
    The conference starts with Darwin. By examining the mechanism of his evolution theory, we can envision how to apply it to the current case of human beings.

    [Day 02]
    Today’s greatest challenge is addressing the gender, racial and family issues. It is very important to fight for our rights, and
    bridge the gaps between among people.
    [Day 03]
    As we think about our future economy and ecology, the whole system becomes very complicated and unpredictable. How we prepare for the future is very important. 
  • Logotype
    [Art direction] 
    The art direction for the conference is “movement”, because neither “crisis” nor “growth” is static. Both of them have a process, and keep changing. Therefore, the logotype is designed as a blurry typography, and creates a dynamical effect. Also the series posters take up the idea of “stop motion,” so there are three repeated images on the scen
  • Business Card
  • Stationary
  • Day 01 Poster– Nature
  • Day 02 Poster– Human
  • Day 03 Poster– Economy
  • Website