Urban Farm Educational Toolkit

  • The Urban Farm Educational Toolkit is an interactive, customizable game that teaches an urban farm's visitors about the natural processes that occur within such a farm in an entertaining and hands-on way. In addition to the game itself, we created a website with step-by-step instructions outlining how to make the signs so that our design is available to any organization that might benefit from its installation. 
    The project grew out of a collaboration with Added Value, an urban farm in Red Hook, Brooklyn.
    Added Value is a nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable development to neighborhood youth. 
    Each station of the game features an instructive sign made of three pieces of repurposed wood painted with informational text and symbols. We engraved the wood with rounded text before painting to make it easy for organizations to touch-up the paint over time and fastened the pieces of wood together with zipties.
    The game utilizes the strategies of creative placemaking, wayfinding, and triangulation in a playful,
    pedagogical way.