• "Author/" is an archive I compiled, of contemporary secrete pseudonyms, that have written and published popular fiction novels. The project consists of a poster with the rules of the archive (what is allowed and what is not allowed in the archive), handouts with a url to a digital version of the archive, and the printed archive itself.
    I created the archive and identity for the project. I tried to tell a story mainly with type. I used the typeface "Reader Medium" and "Reader Bold". The "/" is used as a graphic element to emphasize the separation between pseudonyms and their published work, and the actual true identity of the author. The pseudonym lives to the left of slash and true identity of actual author lives on the right witch becomes clear at the end of the archive.
  • Below are various selections from the archive.
  • Front of poster.
  • Back of poster.
  • Front and back of handout.