• Saudade 
    Medium - Wacom, Photoshop | Digital Illustration
  • Metamorphosis 
    Medium - Wacom, Photoshop | Digital Illustration
  • The City Of Dreams
    Medium : Water Colours and Photoshop
    Description : The was my first attempt at Illustration.
    I feel very confident when I'm painting, i decided to start on an inspiring note and painted the New York City skyline in water colours. Later, I played around with photoshop that resulted in this illustration, and developed a style that combines both an organic authentic painting done on paper and a digital render done with softwares.
    Medium : Poster Colours and Photoshop
    Description :  
    ThemeIlluminated with dreams and desires.
    Concept: I am a dreamer and an optimist. My belief is, when you dream and have burning desires, your imagination illuminates everything around your aura. This is what the main concept is behind my self-portrait/illustration. 
    The stream of thoughts and imagination illuminating the darkness around.
    Jesse McCartney : Illustration
    Medium : Poster paints, Pencil, Photoshop
    Description : A digital illustration created out of a portrait done in poster-colours, later rendered on Photoshop.
    Serenade to a Dream
    Medium : Water Colors and Photoshop