The Skill Life

  • Observation meets Imagination
    Medium - Pencil
    Description - I took a perfume bottle as my subject matter, paid close attention to its contours. 
    Keeping the original shape and basic contours intact i designed a fountain.
    Crystal Candle-stand
    Medium - Pencil and Charcoal
    Description - An Observation drawing done in pencil and charcoal.
    I took this object for the intricacy of the crystals and its reflection on the walls behind it.
    Reflections and Shimmer
    Medium - Pencil and Water colour
    Description - Golden-bead necklace, Mirror and water drops have unique reflective surfaces each. I wanted to combine and compose these three objects together to attain an 
    abstract looking still life.
    Dad - Portrait
    Medium - Water Colour and Pen
    Description - This is a portrait of my Father done in water colours and pen as an observational drawing project.
    I have used cool colours to depict my father's peaceful calm and quiet nature.
    Mom - Portrait
    Medium - Water Colours And Pen
    Description - A portrait of my mother done in water colours and pen.
    I used a warm colour scheme to do justice to my mother's energy and fiery aura.
    The Painted Face
    Medium - Pencil and Conte Crayons
    Description - A still life done in mixed media. The theme here is beauty, cosmetics and fashion. If observed closely the composition has a face which is also an official symbol for fashion and beauty.
    The Still Life
    Medium - Water Colours
    Description - The was by far my most challenging still life. Took me 2 and a half weeks to create this one. It contains a variety of objects interacting together and
    creating a warm atmosphere.