Parallax: An Archive of Astronomical Knowledge

  • What does it mean to archive something that, by nature, is impossible to contain? Designing an archive for astronomical knowledge means embodying the universe. Beginning with ancient knowledge of the Astros and proceeding on towards the edge of our visible galactic horizon, this archive will feature all human knowledge of the universe, displayed in a dynamic manner paired with spaces which create atmospheres, through refraction of light through a crystal facade among other structural factors, that are reminiscent of the cosmos. Throughout the building, one is able to experience the main tool for mapping the universe (the parallax view) as a physical and structural entity, as well as a visual interconnection of spaces which creates a form of infinity within the architecture by creating endless ways to experience spatial recognition through the building. Due to the fact that humanity still has many things to learn, an archive should not solely display knowledge but rather should let the user understand and experience the lack there of while allowing them to see the horizon that may be reached.
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