• This site takes information from the Kepler Object of Interest Database and generates illustrations of planets that are similar in size/temperature/ star size/temperature, etc. to Earth and then pairs those illustrations with UFO/Abduction stories from aliens-ufos.com. Layered underneath this is a computer generated endless audio composition of synth loops that I've created in Logic Pro.
    The Planets are created using Processing.js. http://processing.org/
    The Kepler Project API can be found here, http://www.asterank.com/kepler.
    The abduction stories are from http://www.alien-ufos.com/ and I am using the Google Feed API to help pull in the xml data from here.https://developers.google.com/feed/
    The planet data is pulled with the help of jaubourg's JSONP Jquery plugin,https://github.com/jaubourg/jquery-jsonp.
    Thanks to ForestMist.org for their tutorial/demo on looping with the web audio API. http://forestmist.org/blog/web-audio-api-loops/