Thought Plumbing

  • Sketchbook drawings from the past several weeks
  • I wasnt feeling so hot this day, and my mind was really racing. I had a loong to do list and no motivation, but i wanted to get my mind busy on something physical so I flopped on my bed and doodled this. I felt helpless to circumstances, and this drawing helped me acknowledge that. 
    Its all pen to paper without penciling, the marks that you see there were erased from a previous sketch. I started in the lower left corner and followed the marks as they led me around the page, a visual map.
  • I remember I was just straight angry this day, a few weeks ago. Theres a bit of everything in there, frustration, desire, anger, worry, a lil hope, and some kung fu. Like the kite flying drawing, drawing these two pages led me towards understanding what it was I felt.
  • This woman is a fun experiment, im still playing around with those angles some, like her eyes to her nose, and her nose to her mouth. I had been looking at some Picasso and felt giddy. The body is sort of three ideas pushed into one as I was testing them all out.
  • I wrote all of this a few weeks ago, tryin to regurgitate all this stuff flyin around my thoughts and clogging it up. I had also just rewatched A Scanner Darkly and woody harrelson calls these dudes albino shapeshifting lizard bitches, an upgrade to what i had been saying, spineless lizards. The couple up top on the right I drew in my Fine Arts Seminar class
  • This is what it is.
  • These are some hatched sketches of houses and structures. I really love hatching with a nice smooth pen, getting the lines as parallel as I can and gradually building it up is meditative and nice for distracting the hand while I think.
  • This last page has some thumbnail sketches of structures I'm playing around with, a stack of shapes, a guy pulling a ball through a square hole, and the big dude on the right is a guy who I only caught a fleeting glance of as he passed me on the subway, but his features and dress were really distinctive and stuck with me.