Golden-i Headmounted Display Prototype

  • The Golden-i was our first start for the wearable projects for Motorola, culminating in the HC1 wearable computer, released in Q'4, 2013.
    This rendering shows the first Golden-i working prototype
  • Many people fell in love with our model, we had to tell people that he was virtual :)
  • The most complex part is the need to make the Golden-i fit for all, in complex work situations, wearing safety glasses, glasses, helmets etc..
    Google Glass type slimness was not possible, because this one is inherently more powerful and has a huge battery by comparison; the display is also also about 3x its resolution, a virtual 15" monitor, so large docs can be displayed...
  • Intricate detailing even at this early stage makes a design look resolved and therefore, believable
  • Some of the secret sauce lies with the embedded Kopin microdisplay and the dual microphone setup, also incorporated in the head, as noise-cancellation is a must have in loud environments
  • The juggling of component locations resulted in the main board and battery being suspended in the rear; laptop hinges in the rubberised center allowed for rotational adjustment to individual headsizes
  • At the beginning of the program we envisioned dozens and dozens of ways all our components could be mounted on the human head...
    Is it a headphone with boom? How does it clip together or onto a hardhat, where do the batteries go and how do they expand, etc
  • Quick early sketches on internal components and wiring scenarios; the ratchet mechanism for width adjustment never made it, we did hinges instead...
  • Many, many mechanical mockups were explored and built about the crucial elements, such as this boom arm/speaker assembly...
  • Headstrap design profiles tested to the hilt... all important for proper ergos
  • We built a few hundred working prototypes and future customers were able to evaluate them, explore usage, report back to the team their findings; invaluable process and feedback collection
  • Prototype production line bliss...
  • One of the many renderings showcasing our 'showcar' design in red

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