• This book was designed and hand-bound for a student project.
    The assignment was to design a book. I had complete freedom over the topic, content, and production.
    Originally I wanted to create a book about green tea, but green tea itself had a lot of information and I had to make it interesting.
    I narrowed it down specifically on matcha (Japanese powdered tea). The book is separated into two sections;
    one in which it is traditionally drunk in Japanese tea ceremonies (light), and the other in modern day desserts and snacks (dark). 
    The cover is a Z fold and I incorporated the two parts: A Drinker's Guide and A Glutton's Guide.
    I stitched the pages and cover. I also created small packages of matcha as giveaways,
    and a large poster with the tea shops and dessert spots in NYC that were mentioned in the book.
    I photographed most of the images.

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