Bird Studies

  • Bird Studies: A personal project of daily bird drawings. 
    I started this project after realizing I was not drawing bird feet very well. I found some photo references and drew a better bird foot. The foot looked a little strange on its own, so I drew a blackbird to go with it. I drew a broadbill the next day, a bird I had recently found a photo of online and wanted to draw. The series continued from there, with a new bird each day. I have tried to stay within my original pattern (as seen in the first row below) of woodland, tropical, water, and desert birds, in that order.
    I spent a lot of my childhood watching and drawing birds, but hadn't drawn many for awhile. This project has reminded me how much I enjoy it and become a fun daily habit. Check out the rest of the birds with daily updates on the project's Tumblr blog:
  • The first sixteen birds. Woodland birds in the first column from left, tropical birds in the second, water birds in the third, and desert birds in the fourth.
  • Brewers Blackbird. This blackbird was the first bird I drew for the project. I wanted to focus on the bird and didn't have a lot of time for a detailed background, so I used a circle of flat color.
  • Malayan Banded Pitta
  • Common Tern
  • Costa's Hummingbird