Corniche Hospital . Rebranding

  • The Brief
    Corniche Hospital is a renowned maternity and neonatal facility with a long history of proven achievements. The client asks for rebranding, departments’ segregation, and a launching campaign for the cutting-edge brand new Reproductive Medicine department.
    The concept
    As a core exercise of the rebranding job, a brand positioning is created; “Delivering Milestones”. Around it everything revolved, from branding to the launching campaign.
    • The tagline highlights the fact that Corniche Hospital assists people in delivering their own personal milestones—that is, having their own healthy babies.
    • “Delivering” is a rich word especially when used in the context of maternal care.
    • The double meaning here is: Corniche Hospital continues to deliver achievements after achievements—in turn, enabling mothers to give birth to their own milestones.
    The Brand
    • Softer, curvier edges for a more emotional look and feel
    • The curved edges capture what the hospital stands for—as a haven of care for moms and babies.
    • The gentle curve represents the warmth of a mother’s loving embrace.
    Color Study
    • It is believed that some colors are infused with healing properties. As such, certain hues are predominant in hospital/healthcare settings to improve the flow of positive energy, which in turn helps in the healing process.
    • We used reddish pink to further add a sense of warmth to the logo.
    • Red in itself is a powerful color and stands for the intensity of a mother’s love for her child. However, the pink balances this out and makes the color combination (red + pink) a softer, more feminine and nurturing hue.
    • Teal – a friendly, happy and emotionally balanced color that represents development as well as tranquility.
    Division Colors/Themes
    • We did not create a new logo for each division but we are using colors to distinguish them from one another.
    • Each division/unit/clinic will have its own color identity.
    • Every material to be published or developed under the divisions/units/clinics will follow that one specific color assigned to them.
    Launching Campaign
    • Our springboard: How do we present a sensitive topic such as infertility in a creative, interesting, smart and yet simple way?
    • Using universally known and understood symbols enabled us to capture the message in a positive and visually appealing manner.
    • In order for the visual to work and make sense, we looked for something that will tie them together—in this case, it’s the shape of the circle.
    • The layout is clean and the message is crystal clear.
    • The overall visual stands out in both simplicity and appeal.
    Maintenance Campaign
    • One of the most beautiful words to best describe parenthood is “journey”.
    • The journey to become parents can be described in so many ways: a rollercoaster ride, smooth sailing, bumpy, exciting, etc.
    • Couples take different routes on their way to becoming parents: some wait a while before embarking on this challenge while others dive straight into it. On the other hand, some couples have a hard time starting a family, and this journey is one of the most arduous of all.
    • No matter the journey, all couples who want to have children have the same goal.
    • In this direction, we want to stress the vital role of Corniche Hospital’s Reproductive Medicine unit in ensuring that couples on their own journey to parenthood will get all the help and support they need.
    • Branding is a vital exercise in building and establishing a brand’s identity and giving it its own special place in the market.
    • This part presents the applications we have explored to demonstrate how we can build the brand identity.
    • We have created a look/template, which will be applied to all the hospital materials.
    • Once a direction is approved, we can start creating a more in-depth brand identity to tie all communication/marketing materials together.