Tower Game

  • 3D. Arkadium. 2013
    -I worked on a game where I had to design a lot of towers and a few cannons.  The company wanted these tower to be 2D renders, so keeping the models low poly was not a priority.  These 2D renders were then taken into Unity.

    -I was given rough descriptions for each of the towers' environments, some concept art (or created my own), and some already roughed out designs.  From there I modeled all the towers in Maya, sculpted and painted their textures in ZBrush, rendered the towers in Maya, and finally composited ithem n Photoshop.  
    -I also designed and created the cannons and their firing animations.  These animations were then used by other artists to animate the cannon renders in flash.
  • This first tower was already designed by another artist, but I was tasked with creating the iterations of more powerful towers.