• Process
    I began by taking my inspirations (visual texture, perspectival play, long exposure photography) and started to experiment with different materials that would potentially meet those start points. For this, I experimented with different shiny surfaces, and clear materials, to see how the light reflected those, observing the way the material interacted with light and also how the environment responded to it. 
  • Developing a solution
    After investigating Kaleidoscopes and light shining through mirrored domes, I decided to develop both ideas and came up with merging both into one concept. 
  • I placed a mirrored dome, in a mirrored cylindrical space to create a mirrored reflection, creating a large environment within a smaller one. 
    The idea progressed from a slim cylindrical form, into a short wider one, and at last the final product ended up being tall, this way the reflection and the dynamics would be more inviting and effective. 
  • Galakzia, has an embeded transluscent view finder, that glows with the light as it fades from one color to the other.