• FlowChart of Main Interface (Design by Zibin Yuan)
  • Visual Element Setting
  • Audi ITC project is a co-operation Subject between China Central Academy of Fine Arts and Audi Beijing R&D. The main purpose of this project is researching and designing the fitness vehicle navigation device interface to Chinese user’s behavior. I participated this project as interactive designer, and I designed the flowchart and some wireframe of this project.
    ITC project includes entertainment; POI system, Social Map, Traffic information, Navigation, Car Status. The system connect the smart phone OS and the vehicle navigation OS, users can use the APP on their smartphone to check and control their cars. The project also builds Audi’s individual social community. This Audi Community is bases on sharing driving information, such as POI, path, travel plan and traffic information. In addition, the system also add some functions to targeting Chinese users, such as “Vehicle karaoke” and “Online Radio”.