• We live in a ‘Post-Body’ era. As a way to reclaim my own body, I undertook a journey in which I endeavor to run as meditation, run as prayer, run as embodiment, and run to reach a state of ecstasy and transformation. I ran for two months every night in Brooklyn, specifically within the Clinton Hill and Prospect Park areas. After the first month of running, I wondered how to measure the real experience that was happening in my body? How to facilitate access to my body? How to extend the experience of my body to the audience?

    Thus, I started to run always in the company of a smart phone, an app to map my runs and a cardio-belt recorder. Diagrams captured the result of this exercise. They expressed the trajectories and also my heartbeat. This last image includes circles of different sizes. It shows how my heart reached a very accelerated pace, so the circles reacted to my heartbeat, became enlarged, and got smaller.

    Finally, this exercise-performance was an effort to energetically engage with the world, restore my identity, be outdoors, and connect with others, while being aware of my connection to outer space through the GPS and satellite connection. The last phase of this project was to write “Prayer for the Body” to express my intentions, and an interactive web (work in progress) that allows for the reproduction of my experience. This is an instrument to visualize new experiences for more runners.