Demo Reel + Portfolio 2014

  • Demo Reel (DRB/Portfolio below)
  • Demo Reel Break-down
    1. The Art of Letting Go (May 2014)
    This was a final project for my Sophomore spring semester final. It is a story about an old lady who cannot detach herself from the living world and therefore attempts to carry all her stuff to the after-life by eating them.
    2. Ghost Walk (September 2014)
    This is a walk cycle study assignment in the Character Animation class at Pratt. The assignment was to design a character and do a walk cycle test of the character that shows its personality/characteristics.
    3. Bana-na-na (October 2014)
    This was an anthropomorphism assignment in Character Animation class. The assignment was to ascribe human characteristics/behavior to an inanimate object.
    4. Push-and-Pull (March 2014)
    This was a study of physics of pushing and pulling in Character Animation class. The objective of the assignment was to animate beliveable pushing and pulling.
    5. Cloth (February 2014)
    This was a study of clothes and folds in Character Animation class. The objective was to study how clothes fold and move based on a character's movement.
    6. Dance (December 2014)
    This was a final project for my Junior fall semester final. The assignment was to come up with a character and make it dance to the given music.
  • Acrobatic Pose Study (October 2014): illustration; Photoshop CC
  • Dance Move Breakdown (January 2014); Independent Study; Pencil; 8" x 13"
  • Senior Thesis Concept Art (March 2015): Color/concept for my senior thesis project. Click to Zoom.
  • Senior Thesis Storyboard (March 2015): A part of storyboard for my senior thesis. Click to Zoom.
  • 4-Point Perspective Study (May 2013); Illustration; Rapidograph; 24" x 36"