Motorola Solutions DS9208

  • Motorola Solutions 9208 is a hands-free retail checkout scanner (internally it was affectionately nicknamed 'R2D2').  While being designed primarily to sit on a counter, the 9208 had to equally sit comfortably in your hand for hands-on scanning tasks.
    Subtle textured vs glossy surfaces try to break up this 'black box'.
    We are pretty proud of the unique 3D curved molded scan window, optically correct, horribly difficult to tool and get correct. Gives it a little bit of old CRT tube flair, but it has a killer optical imager engine inside...
  • Nicely adjustable, single free-hand use trigger embedded on the right hand side.
    The design can take a beating, the whole unit has shockmounted internal components.
  • Small & nimble.
  • VERY early concept explorations... in the end, this project took a few years from start of concepts to the released product finish line...
  • Cool, but they seem so dated now :)
  • Things got more interesting, as the swivel base idea was introduced and explored...
  • A bit more on the chiseled-language, cable nicely pointing downwards
  • Clean, simple, almost there... with smoothly integrated swivel arms.
  • Early CAD files with hefty ratchet mechanism
  • Honing in on the final geometry; different patterns & colour scheme variations; internal guts and ratchet mechanisms have been fully resolved...
    First one to show the round window.
  • Combination of Alias surfaces and the Mechanical engineering database
  • Quick renders to evaluate different housing colours and a clear overmould that wrapped around the top.
  • One of our favourites, but only the black unit made it to market...
  • Imaging technology at its finest.
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