• IDEA
  • Location : PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI
    Use :Earthquake refugee’s Shelter 
    Allowing people : 4-5 family 
    Site Area : unmeasurable area
    Building Area : 30.0㎡ 
    Building Scale : 1 stories above ground + garden
    Max Hight : 3.22m
  • Reconstruction Process #1
    Building the shelter by using debris from the earthquake. It would be useful for urgent restoration.
    Reconstruction Process #2
    After urgent recovery, people can use their shelter by temporary house. Then, through out the year Haiti refugees could construct the rigid house when they utilize their shelter basement (concrete + steel mesh block).
    This shelter design is my suggestion for Haiti victims. We design feasible and relatively simple shelter for Haiti inhabitant that people can build. We use debris from earthquake and relief goods for shelter. This shelter will be house for Haiti victims during unpredictable recovering period.  During the reconstruction period, people can built this shelter using many concrete fragments, pallets, and easy gain materials. It gives them least living space and alternative dwelling. We try to consider two main seasons and dry season contain rainwater & use, shade area, ventilation. 
    2010, Grand Prize  - Team Project (Leader)    I    International Competition Project
    Debris Design is hosted by the non-profit organization Common Studio with the support of the University of Utah College of Architecture + Planning.