• Why did the images of Ernesto Guevara, Mao Zedong and their like could inspire people even youth consistently, even for years? Icons in current commercial society are overwhelming, why could few of them amaze people deeply? How could graphic design, as public see it today, make communication actually and impressively?
    In Long March, the red army worked out many difficulties under tough circumstances which are unimaginable to us. Why could they conquered those? Today, most of the youth cannot find their life orientations. After completing the event Re-Walk-Long- March, the members were asked about the reason to insist their walking, almost everyone answered:“you just need to walk, just to do it, the road will let you understand the history.” The key word is 'Keep Going', which is a spirit for them to stick to their faith. I thus aimed to achieve two kinds of effects:
    First, the process is imperative for the result and even important than the latter, thus I tried to represent the process.
    Second, via research, I find the essence is actually simple, taking 'Keep Going' as a concept, I try to record the experimental acting process. 
  • Just do it - Part 1
    Information visualization of Long March. Based on mass researches of historical datas include location, time, altitude, wind speed, relative humulity, average percipitation, extreme temperature, sunshine hours, etc., I intended to decode the real spirial journey of the Red Army.
    My field research along over the historical second route.
  • Just do it - Part 2